Photography to me is a gift truly provided through the love and spirit from God. Through Him, he has equipped me with the talent of capturing the significance of a single moment that shows all of the splendor and beauty that God has created us all for. The eye, the camera, the shutter, and most importantly, The shot!! Those shots that can not be denied of that moment in living life in that moment. Priceless!!  Simply Priceless!! 

I Provide a unique quality and service that is currently not being provided by many other photographers and that is the tools to Capture the EVENT MOMENTS, EDIT THE PHOTOGRAPHS ON SITE, PRINT AND FRAME YOUR MOMENTS ON SITE.  


Any photos that you may be interested in, please send me an e-mail and the event name and date AND PHOTO LABEL number. Thank you all. Much love. 

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  • Event Photography 

  • Family and Outdoor Photography

  • Private Parties and Special Occasion event    

  • Digital - Prints - Posters - Cards

  • On Site Professional Prints are available for only $10.00 for "4 x 6" per print and Framed!!         

Damien Schoop

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